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Funding opportunities at TSU


The annual tuition fee for Georgian undergraduate degree programs at Tbilisi State University is GEL 2,250.


Full waivers (100%) can be obtained by taking the Unified National Examinations, according to the prospective student’s score. Other waivers are 70% (GEL 1,575) and 50% (GEL 1,125) depending on the student’s entrance exam score. These amounts are then deducted from the tuition fees.


The university also has state-funded programs and additional funding opportunities.


 State-funded undergraduate programs

These programs include: Georgian Philology; History; Archaeology; Philosophy; Integrated (Bachelor-Master) Educational Program for Primary Teacher Training Educational Program; Mathematics; Physics; Chemistry; Biology; Economics.

The program “State Scholarships for Students” allows successful students to obtain a state scholarship of GEL 300 per month for one semester.

(By the order of the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of Georgia, the University provides scholarships to a certain number of students enrolled in the accredited medical/dental programs).


State Scholarships for Students: Fall semester 2023-2024 academic year – 2,058 students; GEL 300 per month (for one semester), 5 months each – GEL 1,500.

The Bank of Georgia semester tuition funding – 18 students, for BA students – a total of GEL 10,000.

Green Scholarship (the Faculty of Natural and Exact Sciences) – 20 students; GEL 1,500 each, one-time.

Exchange Program Student Scholarship – 8 students, GEL 240-425 each student for 10 months.

Mamia Gaganidze Scholarship (for undergraduate students majoring in Business Administration at the Faculty of Economics and Business) - 2 students; 10 months each – GEL 250.

Dimitri Gulia and Kosta Khetagurov Scholarship - 2 students; 300 GEL each for 10 months (the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of Georgia).

Tamaz Bekaia Fund Scholarship and Award – GEL 1,500 per semester for each undergraduate student in physics, chemistry, biology and educational sciences.

Mikheil Svanidze Scholarship (for undergraduate students majoring in Oriental Studies of the Faculty of Humanities): 1 student; 10 months - GEL 250 (target private person).

Chinese student - 2 students; 10 months for each - GEL 800 (Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of Georgia).

Revaz Siradze Scholarship - 1 student; 10 months - GEL 100 (for undergraduate students of the Faculty of Humanities, Georgian Philology).

Gocha Japaridze Scholarship - 1 student; 10 months – 200 (Bachelor’s or Master’s student of Oriental Studies and History of the Faculty of Humanities)

Vakhtang Pkhakadze Charity Foundation Lutecia semester tuition funding - 2 students, GEL 1,125 per student.

University funding

The University also offers scholarships to successful undergraduate and graduate students. These are distributed annually to the faculties according to the number of students, and awarded to exceptional students according to internal faculty criteria.


Five PhD students from each faculty are funded for one semester from the University budget. Candidates are selected on the basis of their academic performance and the faculty’s rules for selecting candidates.


Doctoral students are also entitled to certain tuition fee concessions. The amount of the discount is determined by the faculty council on the basis of a proposal from the program head.


The total amount of university funding for students (Bachelor's/Master's Degree/Single-Level Medical) for the 2023-2024 academic year was GEL 700,000.


GEL 1,000,000 has been earmarked for the promotion of student projects for the 2024 academic year.


GEL 744,610 has been allocated for student exchange programs, scientific conferences, moot court competitions, etc.


GEL 744,610 will be used to finance student expeditions and internships (Faculty of Humanities – GEL 89,000; Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences – GEL 129,370; Faculty of Social and Political Sciences – GEL 71,560; Faculty of Economics and Business – GEL 75,460; Faculty of Law – GEL 205,620; Faculty of Medicine – GEL 150,000; Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences – GEL 22,600).