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Seminar: "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Law"

TSU EuroClub invites you to the seminar organized within the framework of the cooperation of the Faculty of Law and Young European Ambassadors (EU Neighbours East): "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Law", which will be led by legal expert in informational technologies Vakhtang Chkhenkeli.


Following the development of artificial intelligence systems, legal norms and the law-making process are changing. The world's leading jurisdictions are trying to create regulatory regimes that will support the development of artificial intelligence and at the same time protect the interests of the country and the rights of the population. The purpose of the seminar is for the attendees to get information about artificial intelligence systems, their principles of operation, and learn about the basics of machine learning.

During the seminar we will talk about:

● on the history of artificial intelligence, from Turing's test to generative artificial intelligence;

● on machine learning models;

● on regulations and applicable law;

● on the future of artificial intelligence and law.

Date: March 14, 2024, 15:00.

Location: II Academic Building of Tbilisi State University, auditorium N119.


Interested persons please complete the attached registration link:


TSU EuroClub was created in cooperation with the TSU Faculty of Law and Young European Ambassadors (EU Neighbors East).