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Date 2022-09-24
Beginning 9:30 HR
Address Ilia Chavchavadze Ave., TSU, 1st Building, auditorium 06

International school and workshop “Recent Advances in Fundamental Physics” will be opened at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi University on September 24, at 09:50. Leading scientists in this field, Gia Dvali (Max Planck Institute), Zurab Berezhiani (University of L’Aquila) and Archil Kobakhidze (Sydney University) will give lectures for PhD students and masters.

The international conference will be opened on September 27, at 09:50 (in auditorium No. 107 of the 1st Building of TSU).

The main topics of the event will be:

  • Issues of origin and evolution of the universe.
  • Black holes and paradoxes related to them.
  • Unsolved problems of quantum gravity.
  • Physics beyond the standard model.
  • New theories of elementary particles and fundamental interactions.


The international school and workshop “Recent Advances in Fundamental Physics” will be organized by Tbilisi State University, Universities of Bonn and Siegen, as well as Yerevan State University, which are united within the framework of the regional doctoral program in theoretical physics and experimental particle physics.



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