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Accepting articles for a reviewed scientific journal

Until January 15, 2019, the materials for the electronic and printed scientific journal of the Institute of Classical Philology, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies of the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Humanities - "Logos. Yearbook of Eliology and Latinism ".

In addition to articles, reviews and translations are available for publication in the journal. The rubric "VARIA" has published various scientific information.

The article should be an original examination that has not been published in print or electronic form.

The article is sent to two experts for a review and is available for printing in case of two positive reviews.

The names of reviewers are confidential.

The author is obliged to take into consideration the comments and reviews of reviewers, as appropriate, to make relevant corrections.

In the article, the author's authentication of his own work, thus identifying his identity, is inadmissible. These sections of the article should be replaced in a version submitted for the review, which, in the event of an article, will be restored in the original form in the final editing of the article.