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Autumn Legend 2022 - Awards Ceremony

Acting Rector of Tbilisi State University, Jaba Samushia awarded a special prize of Autumn Legend 2022, a student literary competition, to Tako Tsulaia, the winner of the competition. The Acting Rector spoke about the established tradition of the Autumn Legend and noted that the student competition was a kind of launchpad for many participants towards further success in the sphere of writing.

“Autumn Legend is a very important competition with a history of 14 years. During this period, dozens of young writers have entered the path to great literature. Today, we awarded three contestants whose works were considered by the jury the most important prosaic works. These three persons won among 300 participants and I congratulate them on this victory,” Acting Rector Jaba Samushia noted.

The finalists, jury members, participants, organizers and invited guests attended the awards ceremony. “I love Autumn Legend very much. This is the second time I am participating and it is a great experience for those who write. Especially noteworthy is the improvisation round, where we go together, write and then our collection is published. I think that if you are a student and you write, you should definitely try your luck in Autumn Legend,” Tako Tsulaia, the winner of the competition, noted.

Three winners of the competition were revealed by the jury consisting of the writers: Dato Turashvili, Teona Dolenjashvili, Maka Ldokonen, Archil Kikodze and Rusudan Rukhadze, as well as the winner of the 2021 competition, Mariam Kavtaradze.

“It is always interesting for me to read the works created by young writers. This is the second time I am a member of the jury of Autumn Legend, but as others say, there has never been such a strong competition. Indeed, it was very difficult to make a final decision. That’s why I think that the main result of this competition is an already printed book in which the works of the finalists were included. And who is the first, second or third is very symbolic, although it is probably pleasant for them,” writer Archil Kikodze, a member of the jury, said.

“A neighbor” – it was the topic selected by the jury for the contestants of the final, improvisation round of the competition. The contestants had 12 hours to write their essays. The prize money was divided among three winners.

“We believe that all of them are winners. All of the presented stories were very good, so it was a bit difficult for us to choose the best one. Let me once again congratulate the participants and I am glad that Autumn Legend continues,” writer Maka Ldokonen said.

The competition Autumn Legend has a history of 14 years. This year, Schuchmann Wines Georgia hosted the competition. The competition is designed for those people who create prosaic works, who are willing to get experience in literature, get acquainted with the representatives of this sphere and unveil their works to Georgia. Students of all Georgian higher educational institutions are eligible to participate in the competition. The competition is held in two rounds. This year, up to 300 contestants participated in the first round and 10 of them moved to the improvisation round.

The works created by 10 finalists in the improvisation round were printed in a traditional, annual brochure of the competition and offered to the guests of the awards ceremony.