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Infrastructure Projects at TSU

Rector of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, George Sharvashidze and Chancellor Lasha Saghinadze inspected the 2nd Building of TSU, complete rehabilitation of which was over, and the educational process was fully restored from September 19.

The Government of Georgia allocated GEL 27 million for the renovation and rehabilitation of the 2nd Building, which is a monument of cultural heritage. As a result of renovation works, the building fully meets international standards. In addition, TSU Rector and Chancellor familiarized themselves with new infrastructure projects.

“The reconstruction of the 2nd Building has been fully completed. It was quite a big project and serious works were conducted. About 25 thousand square meters were renovated, all auditoriums, laboratories, chemistry, physics, optics and other laboratories were renovated. Social spaces were created for students,” Rector Sharvashidze said.

In 2022, several renovation and rehabilitation projects were implemented. TSU Chancellor Lasha Saghinadze noted that the second floor of the 10th (Maglivi) Building, foyer and ground floor of the 8th Building, façade and staircase of the 11th Building, as well as examination center were rehabilitated. “Various works are still underway, among them the Bagebi student dormitory, in frames of which canteens are being arranged on all floors and toilets are being rehabilitated. Small-scale rehabilitation works are being conducted in other buildings as well, and we will continue this process next year too,” Lasha Saghinadze said.

The TSU Chancellor also spoke about the new social spaces created for students. According to him, student spaces have already been arranged in all educational buildings and this process will continue further. In addition, from the next year, the improvement of the courtyards of all educational buildings will begin as envisaged by the existing projects.