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Jaba Samushia Elected 30th Rector of Tbilisi State University

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University has elected a new, 30th Rector. Pursuant to the Law of Georgia on Higher Education adopted in 2004, the Academic Council of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University elected TSU Professor, Academician Jaba Samushia as the new Rector.

32 members of the Academic Council participated in the voting. The absolute majority of sitting members (30 members) of the Council voted for Jaba Samushia, and 2 ballot papers were annulled.

Meri Kapanadze, secretary of the election commission, noted that the elections were held in a calm atmosphere and no violations were reported. Two observers of Young Barristers, a local non-governmental organization, observed the process of voting and vote tabulation.

The TSU Academic Council consists of 38 members (total number), including 21 members represent 7 faculties – 3 members per faculty, who are elected by professors and students from the faculty council; each of 16 research institutes elect one member. The Rector is the 38th member of the Academic Council, simultaneously being the chairperson of the Academic Council. He, however, did not participate in the voting.

The newly elected Rector of TSU thanked the Academic Council and the entire university community for their trust. “First of all, this is a great responsibility for me. I, as a member of the University, will try to take care of the future of the university together with each professor, student and administrative staff, to ensure higher standards of teaching, learning and scientific research during these four years, to make TSU an exemplary university not only in the region or Eastern Europe, but throughout the world,” TSU Rector, Academician Jaba Samushia said.  

The issues related to the election of the TSU Rector and the registration of candidates were determined by the November 15 resolution of the TSU Academic Council.  The registration of candidates started on December 16 and ended on December 21. Samushia was the only candidate running in the elections. 

According to the summary protocol presented by Meri Kapanadze, the secretary of the election commission, to the Academic Council following secret ballot and vote tabulation, Academician Jaba Samushia was elected as the 30th Rector of Tbilisi State University.