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Springer Publishes Book by TSU Professor

Springer, a German multinational publishing company, recently published a monograph “A Theory of Proculturation. Development of the self through intercultural communication” by Vladimer Lado Gamsakhurdia, Professor at the Department of Psychology of the TSU Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences. An electronic version of the book can be purchased online, while a printed version will be available in 2023. This book is the second monograph by Vladimer (Lado) Gamsakhurdia and is an updated representation of his theoretical approach.

The book discusses the basic conceptual models of intercultural relations and the principles of the self-construction in the light of processing new cultural experiences. Also, an attempt to synthesize the theories of semiotic dynamics, self-theory and social representation is proposed, based on which the author determines the meaning of the concept of proculturation and the methodological principles of its study. The author's original theory and approach serve to understand how a person manages to construct his identity, self, in the process of intercultural communication, by giving it a new sense and meanings.

The book will be interesting to researchers of personality, self, and cultural psychology, as well as to psychological anthropologists and psychotherapists.

An electronic version of the book is available at